Arctic Cat Sled

2012-Up Arctic Cat Clutch Shift Issue

 This is why so many of you have belt issues! The secondary clutch stops the shift prematurely. This is why so many people have had great luck with belt life and performance with our Stage 2 clutch kits with torsional conversion. You can see the competitors kit this customer was running works well but our Stage 2 clutch kit shifts out even further, working even better!  FIX YOUR CAT!

Procross Clutch Shift


Procross/Proclimb 800 Air Intake

Install a few SLP Flow Rites into your machine as shown below. This really helps increase airflow into your airbox!

PC 800 Intake



Procross/Proclimb 1100 Turbo - Boost Fitting Placement

Install your boost fittings as shown in the intake plenum. This will give you the most accurate results when using a boost gauge, or tying into other controllers.



1100 Turbo Motor - The Breaking Point

When is it too much? Well we can tell you because it's our job to test this for you, the customer. Let's start with what you need at  240+ horsepower. Obviously at this point you have programming and some sort of exhaust. If you are running programming with no exhaust then you need a brain check! Anything over 240 HP requires head studs. We have ran up to 300 HP without head studs and been fine while others have had issues on a 260 HP tune. It's not worth the risk with the cheap insurance of head studs! From there most will be fine with the stock bottom end. For those looking to go over the 320 HP mark we highly recommend installing heavy duty rods. Over 300 HP we have seen many timing keys shear causing the timing to advance. The firing pattern in these motors is hard on things so be sure to keep an eye on your timing key!


2 Stroke Pipe Temp Sensor Problem

Having trouble with your stock EGT probe acting up? These sensors are known to fail so here is a quick fix to do away with this sensor. Go to your local electronics store and pick up two 330ohm 1/2 watt resistors. This will trick the sled into thinking the sensor is at an acceptable range all the time. It is highly recommend to always monitor EGTs with a gauge after doing this modification. BMP is not responsible for engine damages due to this modification.




Throttle Position Sensor Adjustment

Thinking your throttle position sensor (TPS) is out of adjustment or did you just buy aftermarket throttle bodies? Here are the specs:

TPS Specs