2011-14 RZR 900

Products for the 2011-2014 RZR 900 and RZR 900 4 Models


BMP is your #1 place to go for RZR 900 performance! We know what combinations work best to get you the most reliable horsepower possible. Don't let others fool you, we have done extensive testing on our Superflow 902 dyno and in the field to ensure you'll be happy with our products. Wondering where to start? Well we have many answers for you depending on your application and budget. If you're looking to make it easy, go with our Bolt-On Performer Kit. This kit gives you everything you need to get the most power out of your stock motor and to get that power to the wheels. Producing 103 HP, the Bolt-On Performance Kit gets nothing but rave reviews from customers, and it will make the Jagged X kit look like a joke! Looking for big speed? Get your ECU programmed to remove the speed limiter and gain 8-10 MPH with the bolt-on kit! From there you can upgrade to our cams, head porting & big bore motor. All together these products produce an easy 120 HP on pump gas. Of course you can always go big right away with our Cyclone Turbo Kit and produce 120 HP on pump gas and 180 HP on race fuel. We have so many options for your needs, check out the products below or call for further information.

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Bikeman Performance Gift Certificate


BMP Girls 2015 Calendar

Regular Price: $20.00

Special Price: $10.00

POD 300 Digital Display for Power Commander 5


BMP RZR XP 900 Turbo Kit




BMP RZR XP 935cc Big Bore Kit


BMP 2011 RZR XP 900 Bolt-On Performer Kit


BMP 2012-Up RZR XP 900 Bolt-On Performer Kit


BMP RZR 900 Double Barrel Full Exhaust System


BMP RZR 900 Hot Rod Full Exhaust System


BMP RZR XP 900 2 Into 1 Header


BMP RZR XP 900 Double Barrel Slip-On Exhaust


BMP RZR XP 900 Hot Rod Slip-On Exhaust


BMP RZR 900 Quiet Cap


RZR 900 Spark Arrestor


BMP RZR 900 Stage 2 Clutch Kit


BMP Goldstar RZR 900/1000 Magnetic Adjustable Clutch Weights


STM Rage Billet Primary Clutch For Polaris


STM Tuner Secondary Gen 2


RZR 900 E-Brake Kit


BMP RZR XP 900 Intake Kit


Polaris RZR 900 XP K&N Replacement Air Filter


BMP RZR XP 900 Throttle Body Boring


BMP RZR 900 High Flow Intake Manifolds


Power Commander 5 ATV/UTV EFI Control Box


Auto Tune for Power Commander V


Weld-In Fuel Injector Boss


RZR 900 Cylinder Head Porting


RZR 900 ECU Reprogram - Remove Speed Limit and Raise Rev Limit


RZR 1000/900 Shim Under Bucket Conversion Kit


RZR XP 900 High Performance Radiator


BMP RZR XP 900 High Performance Valve Springs


BMP High Performance RZR 900 Camshafts


BMP RZR/Ranger 900 Piston Kits


RZR/Ranger 900 Top End Gasket Kit


BMP RZR 900 Head Gaskets


BMP RZR 900 Helixes


Polaris ATV/UTV Primary Springs


Team ATV TAS-03 Secondary Springs



Regular Price: $129.95

Special Price: $119.95

Koso Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge


Koso X-2 Boost - AFR - Water Temp Gauge


BMP Polaris ATV Primary Clutch Pullers



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