RZR 800 - '08-14

BMP 2008 Standard RZR, 2009 RZR S Adjustable Clutch Kit

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Fits 2008 Standard RZR, and 2009 RZR S Models.

Kit Includes: Custom cut helix secondary spring, smooth shift washer kit, Goldstar magnetic adjustable primary weights, and a primary spring.

Worried that your machine may not have the TAS-03 clutch? Pull your secondary clutch off and check to see if your helix is removable. You will see 4 torx screws holding the helix in on the back side of the clutch. Only 2008 standard 800 RZR's and 2009 800 RZR S models came with this clutch from the factory.

View or download the weight setup sheetHERE

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The RZR has some great power but the stock clutching is in need of improvement. Our clutch kit adds very noticeable acceleration power to get you up to speed faster. This kit efficiently puts more of your horsepower to the wheels for better performance on hardpack, mud, or sand. When trail riding, its way quicker in tight twisty trails as the clutches upshift and backshift faster and smoother. This kit is a must have for all RZR's! Includes a set of magnetic adjustable Goldstar weights, primary and secondary springs, and a custom angle helix. We use our Goldstar weights because the profile is aggressive, has great throttle response, and you can add up to 22 grams for the ultimate in tuneability.


Plan on tuning your engine in stages? No problem, easily adjust these weights as you go. We will custom tune your kit for your machine and modifications. Please list all mods including tire size in the text field when ordering.

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