RZR 800 - '08-14

Products for standard RZR, RZR S, RZR 4 800 Models. You just can't beat our performance products for the RZR 800 models! Start off with one of our award winning exhaust systems. We won UTV Off-Road magazine's shootout for most power and torque out of an exhaust! An EFI controller is NOT required with our exhaust but will make even more power. We recommend the Power Commander 5 with our custom tuned map. The next step is getting that power to the wheels. Our Stage 2 and Stage 3 adjustable clutch kits are nothing but the best. These truly come with everything you need to make your RZR perform over the lazy stock clutching. We also recommend running our intake system for more power and a much safer way of getting air into your 800 motor. All of these components can be purchased separately or grouped together in our Bolt-On Performer Kit. Still not enough? We have BIG power options for you also. Our turbo kit is a customer favorite for being affordable, yet powerful. This kit almost doubles stock horsepower and really makes the RZR fun to drive. We also specialize in big bores complete with porting and cams. Whatever your needs, we have the parts and experience to provide the most power for your money.