BMP Tune Upgrade Options for Bully Dog GT

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  • Tune upgrades require basic knowledge of computers to do via e-mail.  BMP does not provide tech help on basic computer knowledge. If you are not comfortable with downloading a file from an e-mail and transferring it to your SD card, we ask that you send us your GT with the SD card installed.
  • See our instructional video on the GT and how to update HERE
  • Upgrade 1: Same ECU S/N GT was originally purchased for tune upgrade fee (Example: Upgrade from level 1 to level 2) - $50
  • Upgrade 2: Upgrading to a different ECU S/N if GT was originally purchased from BMP (Example: Had 2015 model, now upgrading to a 2017 model, or if someone sold you their used GT) If you are purchasing this option we need the following information: If you didn't purchase directly from Bikeman Performance, but did get it from one of our dealers, please include the dealer name where it was purchased. Provide the Bully Dog's serial number as well as the ECU serial number of BOTH the machine it was previously install on AND the new machine you are purchasing the upgrade for. - $150
  • Upgrade 3: Tune for a Bully Dog GT that was not originally purchased from BMP (Example: purchased tuner from another vendor) - $350
  • If using upgrade 1 or 2 you must have the serial number found on the GT itself along with the name of who originally purchased the GT.  We will match these up with our records.
  • If using upgrade 3, you can then use upgrade 1 or 2 after the initial tune purchase of $350. That means if you purchase the tuner elsewhere, your first tune is $350, any other tunes for that same ECU S/N are $50 and to switch ECU S/N afterward would cost you $150.
  • *****Make sure if you are selling or buying a used Bully Dog, or moving it from one vehicle to another that you go to MENU>UNINSTALL TUNING  and follow those steps to uninstall and unlock the GT from that vehicle.  You can check that the GT is unlocked from the vehicle by going to MENU>SHOW SETTINGS.  This must be done, or you will have to pay a $275 fee from Bully Dog to unlock the device****  If you are purchasing a used GT from someone, we suggest getting a picture from the seller showing that the GT is unlocked.

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If you are looking to upgrade your BMP tunes for the Bully Dog GT, we can do this no problem!  Tune upgrades are easily done by e-mail or by sending back your GT with the memory card installed in it.  If you are good with computers and can easily handle downloading a file from an e-mail and moving that file to your SD card, you can update via e-mail.  If you are not good with computers, simply send us your GT and we can update the file(s) for you.

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