BMP 2016 RZR XP Turbo Stage 1 Clutch Kit

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  • Fits All 2016 RZR XP Turbo Models
  • Works well on stock or modified RZRs
  • Simply a must-have for tuned RZRs
  • Gain top speed over the stock clutching
  • Much better power transfer than the stock weights
  • Spring holds much better tension on the belt than factory
  • Quicker back shifting when off the throttle
  • More responsive feel
  • Kit Includes: BMP magnetic adjustable weights, BMP primary spring, BMP secondary spring & a setup guideline
  • View or download the weight setup sheetHERE
  • Part #:  07-320-1

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This is a must-have modification for your tuned RZR XP Turbo! Clutching is everything, especially when you add power to your machine. To properly transfer added horsepower you need to adjust your CVT clutch. Our custom weights were designed to help shift the clutch harder, resulting in more power to the rear wheels. These Goldstar magnetic adjustable weights have been a customer favorite as they are very easy to adjust, and work so well. This Stage 1 kit also comes with our primary and secondary spring which helps hold side tension on the belt for less slip, and quicker back shifts. When installing make sure you remove your primary limiter which is the grey plastic washer between the spring and the clutch. With this removed and BMP custom tuning you can see nearly 90 MPH!

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