RZR & Ranger Tied Secondary Clutch Smooth Shift Washer Kit

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  • Fits ONLY models with the ATV Tied (TAS-03) secondary clutch
  • PTFE Teflon washers are extremely durable and slick
  • Much less spring bind resulting in smoother shifts
  • Lowers clutch temps
  • More consistent clutching
  • Stack the washers for best performance
  • May raise peak RPM by 25-50rpm
  • Must have easy modification!
  • View instructions HERE
  • Part #: 07-301-2



These custom made PTFE Teflon Washers are just what your clutch needs to improve performance and smooth our your shifts. We recommend stacking the two washers to slide on top of each other. Doing so makes for much less spring bind which lower clutch temperatures, offers more consistent clutching, and makes for much faster shifts. May raise peak RPM by 25-50rpm. ***Fits only models with the Tied (TAS-03) secondary clutch*** RZR 1000 2014-15 RZR XP 900 Some 2015 RZR 900 Models 2008 RZR 800

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