2015 Only RZR 900 Stage 3 Clutch Kit

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  • Kit ONLY fits 2015 RZR 900 models
  • Improved throttle feel and response
  • Easily adjustable for altitude, tire size or other modifications
  • Comes with the much better TAS-03 secondary clutch
  • Shifts quieter and smoother
  • Holds peak RPM better
  • Accelerates much harder
  • Backshifts much quicker
  • Works well with stock or modified motors
  • Must-have when using our Bully Dog tunes & other modifications
  • Includes: BMP magnetic adjustable weights, primary spring, and complete TAS-03 secondary clutch (loaded with our custom secondary spring, smooth shift washer kit, custom cut helix) and a setup sheet
  • View or download the weight setup sheetHERE
  • Part #: 07-316

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This Stage 3 clutch kit comes with everything you need IF your machine did NOT come with the good TAS-03 secondary clutch. This clutch comes on various 2015 RZR 900 models from the factory and it's best to check your secondary clutch before purchasing. View our images to see what the different clutches look like. This kit includes our magnetic adjustable Goldstar clutch weights. These weights offer a superior profile for big acceleration. They are very easily adjustable with snap in/out magnets. The kit also includes our custom primary spring which improves clutch backshift and helps hold peak RPM without as much fade as the factory spring. We also custom cut a helix to greatly help acceleration and shift out. This helix is aggressive (unlike the factory setup) and really comes out of the gate strong. It's paired perfectly with our secondary spring which provides better backshift and upshift on the secondary clutch. Both the secondary spring and helix are loaded into your new TAS-03 Tied secondary clutch. This clutch provides much quieter, smoother shifting while giving us the ability to install tuned helixes that make a huge difference in clutch performance. If your machine came with the cheaper secondary, this kit is an absolute must-have whether you have a stock or modified machine.

The setup sheet for this model has different setups for various different modifications and tire size. The same kit is used, just different weight setups depending on your modifications.

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