800 E-Tec

The 800 E-Tec is a favorite of ours here at BMP! Such smooth power with excellent mid-range that is ready for just about anything. The one downfall is that horsepower is slightly behind the Arctic Cat. Don't worry, we have you covered! If you're reading this and don't already have a BMP high flow Y-Pipe on your machine, you need one ASAP! Gaining a solid 6 horsepower and a boat load of torque this needs to be done right away. Make sure you keep your RPM in check when adding the y-pipe because it likes to be ran at 7700-7900 RPM. For this, you can adjust your clickers, or the preferred way... get our Stage 2 Smooth Shift clutch kit! This clutch kit is one of the only on the market coming with a bearing for your spring making smoother, more consistent shifts! Not only that, but we change helix angle, springs and much more to make sure no horsepower your 800 E-Tec created is left behind! Next, dump that heavy muffler that makes your E-Tec sound like a tractor and replace it with our Powder Lite or Full Velocity. Each muffler gains about 2 HP up top, which isn't much but it's a step in the right direction unlike many other companies who lose horsepower. Now add Boyesen Rage Cages for 3-4 HP and watch your sled come to life! Most of these products are in our Stage 1 Bolt-On Performer Kit which we highly recommend! Looking to go big? Our 860 big bore kit rocks! Producing 180 HP and always tons of torque, you can't go wrong! 

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Heavy Duty Snowmobile Primary Clutch Pullers


Powermadd Pivot Adapter Kit


Fly Oversize Bar Clamp Kit


Powermadd Pivot Risers


Powermadd Throttle Cable Extension


Powermadd Extended Brake Lines


Powermadd Star Series Handgaurds


Powermadd Sure Grip Traction Strips


ODI 8" Handlebar Grips


Xenon Snowmobile Headlight Kits


Black Diamond Pro-Lite Series 2 Wheel Kits


Koso Single EGT Gauge


Koso Fast Response Dual EGT with Water Temp and RPM


Koso Dual EGT Gauge


Koso Mini LCD Thermometer


KOSO Misc and Replacement Parts


Extreme Max Round Single Backers


Extreme Max Square Single Backers


Extreme Max Double Backers


Extreme Max Platinum Series Studs


Ski-Doo XP Smooth Shift Bearing


BMP Ski-Doo QRS Secondary Springs


Ski-Doo TRA Primary Springs


Ski-Doo QRS Helixes


Ski-Doo TRA Ramps


Ski-Doo Adjustable Pin Kits


BMP Oversize Rollers


BMP TRA Quick Clickers


Snowmobile Nitrous Kits


Ski-Doo Link Belt Silent Chains


Ski-Doo XP Bottom Sprockets


Dayco XTX Extreme Torque Snowmobile Belts

Regular Price: $129.95

Special Price: $119.95

Ski-Doo 13 Wide Top Sprockets


BMP Big Bore Replacement Pistons


Wossner 800R/E-Tec 800 Durability Dual Ring Piston Kit

Cometic 2-Stroke Top End Gasket Kits


Power Commander 5 for E-Tec 800


Boyesen Rage Cages for Ski-Doo 800 E-Tec


V-Force 3 Reed Valves


XP/XS/XM Chassis Support Brace


Oil Sleeve


BMP 800 E-Tec XP/XM/XS Stage 2 Smooth Shift Clutch Kits


BMP E-Tec Muffler Sensor Adapter


BMP E-Tec 860 Big Bore Muffler


BMP E-Tec 600/800 Powder Lite Muffler


BMP E-Tec 600/800 Full Velocity Muffler


BMP E-Tec 800 High Alt Single Pipe


BMP 800 E-Tec Performance Manifold


BMP E-Tec 800 Bolt-On Performer Kit


BMP E-Tec 860 Complete Big Bore


BMP E-Tec 860 Big Bore Kit


BMP Girls 2015 Calendar

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