4 Tec 1200

BMP 2009-12 4-Tec Bolt-On Performer Kit

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2009-12 4-Tec Bolt-On Performer Kit


+19-20 Horsepower!


'09-12 BOPK Part #: 13-209-1

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The Ski Doo 4-Tec is quite a fun machine but there is plenty left on the table for performance. Our new ceramic coated triple staged header and lightweight Powder Lite muffler produces 15 more horsepower than stock and with the new Power Commander ignition/rev extend module you pick up another 5-7 HP. The PCV fuel controller provides the extra fuel required in the mid-range from the extra airflow of our performance header. Then our clutch kit puts all that extra power to the ground. This setup accelerates extremely strong and makes this four stroke a blast to ride! Many customers have even beat out 800 E-Tec models! Great sound, excellent power, and top notch performance gains! Also available with our stock muffler mod for those wanting to be stealthy quiet. Muffler mod can take 10-12 business days.

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