Pro-R 800

The Pro-R Chassis is extremely efficient, which is why most don't have a problem keeping up with the other brand 800 models. However, it is so easy to get reliable horsepower out of these 800 CFI motors! We have modifications to fit anyone's needs or budget. If your sled has over 1500 miles on it, it's time to think about doing a top end rebuild. We have our durability kit which uses taller pistons and is a great option to improve performance, reliability, and longevity of your motor. As a side note, be sure to turn up your oil pump to mix a 40:1 ratio and pre-mix 100:1 in the tank. For your first mod we would suggest our billet head kit as the stock Polaris head has a very inefficient design. This head kit can be combined with the durability kith without an EFI controller (ethanol setting recommended). After this we suggest our Tied stage 2 clutch kit, BMP Pipe, and Power Commander 5. These mods can also be found in our easy package deal Bolt-On Performer kit. This kit has been known to gain huge low to high end power, and transfer it to the track like no other! Looking to go bigger? We recommend one of our big bore kits to give the competition a true a** whooping! The big bore kits feature the durability kit for more reliable performance.... and huge power! Let's recap: First mods we recommend for your sled are a Durability + Bolt-On Performer Kit which would get you roughly 168-170 HP. Next step would be to go big bore and depending on the sled, you can see up to 185 horsepower! Choose your weapons wisely.

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BMP Girls 2015 Calendar

Regular Price: $20.00

Special Price: $10.00

POD 300 Digital Display for Power Commander 5


BMP Complete 860 Big Bore for 2011-Up 800 CFI


BMP 860 Big Bore Kit for 2011-Up 800 CFI


BMP 800 CFI Polaris Durability Kit


BMP Polaris Pro-R 800 Bolt-On Performer Kit


BMP Billet Head Kit for 2008-Up 800 CFI


BMP 2011-Up Pro-R 800 Single Pipe


BMP 2011-Up Rush/Assault/RMK 2011-UP 800 Full Velocity Muffler


BMP 2011-Up Rush/Assault/RMK 800 Powder Lite Muffler


BMP Pro-R 860 Big Bore Full Velocity Muffler


BMP Pro-R 860 Big Bore Powder Lite Muffler


BMP Polaris Pro-R 800 Stage 2 Clutch Kits


BMP Pro-R Stage 2 Tied Clutch Kit


BMP Goldstar Adjustable Snowmobile Clutch Weights


Oil Sleeve


V-Force 3 Reed Valves


BMP Polaris Pro-R 600/800 CFI High Flow Air Box Shelf


Power Commander 5 (Snowmobile)


Cometic 2-Stroke Top End Gasket Kits


Wossner Polaris 800 CFI Replacement Piston Kit


BMP Big Bore Replacement Pistons


BMP Professional 2 Stroke Cylinder Porting


Polaris 3/4 Hyvo Bottom Sprockets


Polaris 3/4 Hyvo Top Sprockets


Polaris 3/4 Hyvo Chains


Dayco XTX Extreme Torque Snowmobile Belts

Regular Price: $129.95

Special Price: $119.95

BMP Ballistic Pull Start Rope


Snowmobile Nitrous Kits


BMP Arctic Cat and Polaris Primary Springs


TEAM Secondary Springs


Extreme Max Platinum Series Studs


Extreme Max Double Backers


Extreme Max Square Single Backers


Extreme Max Round Single Backers


KOSO Misc and Replacement Parts


Koso Fast Response Dual EGT with Water Temp and RPM


Koso Mini LCD Thermometer


Koso Dual EGT Gauge


Koso Single EGT Gauge


Xenon Snowmobile Headlight Kits


ODI 8" Handlebar Grips


Powermadd Sure Grip Traction Strips


Powermadd Star Series Handgaurds


Powermadd Extended Brake Lines


Powermadd Throttle Cable Extension


Powermadd Pivot Adapter Kit


Polaris Narrow Style Pivot Riser


Powermadd Pivot Risers


Fly Oversize Bar Clamp Kit


Black Diamond Pro-Lite Series 2 Wheel Kits


Heavy Duty Snowmobile Primary Clutch Pullers


BMP Sheave Clamp Tool



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