AXYS 850 - 2019

If you are looking for the best performance products on the planet for your 2018 AXYS 850 then you have come to the right place! Extensive testing on the 2019 AXYS 850 model in our state of the art facility has begun! We aim not only to make big horsepower but to also fix common issues with the sled itself and maintain dependability. If sound is what you are after, choose your weapon: our light and loud Powder Lite muffler or our stealthy trail-friendly Full Velocity muffler. If horsepower is what you're after, we recommend starting with one of our Bolt-On Performer kits. Our Stage 1 kit will include the y-pipe, pipe, Bully Dog tuner with BMP programming & our Stage 2 clutching to get that power to the ground efficiently. Running just the Bully Dog tuner loaded with our custom programming on a stock machine is a solid 1-2 sled length difference and provides a safer, more consistent running machine. From there you can go up in horsepower easily by upgrading to the next stage... up to Stage 5 which includes our powerful 860 big bore!


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