Lightweight Mufflers

BMP 2008-15 XP 600/800/600RS/TNT Full Velocity Muffler


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Fits 2008-15 Rev XP 600/800/600RS/TNT. XP chassis only.


Black PN: 02-221

Ceramic PN: 02-221-C

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The stock XP800 muffler weighs just shy of 16 lbs. Our Full Velocity Lightweight Muffler weighs only 6.25lbs! Go ahead and have another cheeseburger, this muffler saves the weight for you. You will also notice more throttle response and quicker acceleration, without losing HP like most competitor mufflers do. This muffler actually gains 2 HP peak over stock! Our unique baffle design (never needs to be re-packed) has a nice deep throaty sound without being loud. Easy bolt-on performance!

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  1. Perfection

    By Ryan October 10, 2016

    Installs in minutes with clear instructions provided. Literally takes 5 minutes or less to remove the stock muffler and install this bad boy.
    Wasn't sure what to expect as far as sound goes, but I like the low end growl this can produces at idle. As far as cracking the loud lever a bit, let's just say it'll bark when you want it to do so (more trail friendly).
    I used my sound meter to do a rough measurement after the install (89 dB being my stock can). And I came up with a reading around 96 dB at engagement. Not sure how accurate that reading is though.

    Overall I am glad I made the purchase, hopefully we will get some pow here in WI soon!