Lightweight Mufflers

BMP 2003-07 Rev//Summit 600/800/500SS Full Velocity Muffler

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Fits all 2003-07 Rev//Summit 600/800/500SS Rev Chassis Only/Does not fit SDI models


Black PN: 02-219

Ceramic PN: 02-219-C

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The stock Rev 600/800/500SS muffler weighs just shy of 15 lbs. Our Full Velocity Lightweight Muffler from Bikeman only weighs 7 lbs! Go ahead and have another cheeseburger, this muffler saves the weight for you. You also get more throttle response and quicker acceleration without losing peak power like some competitors mufflers. This is no loud glass pack either, it features a nice deep throaty sound without being loud. A fully baffled design gives it a nice tone without having to break out the earplugs. No other modifications are necessary. No clutching or fuel changes required! Fits all 2003-07 Rev 600/800/500SS carb models. Does not fit SDI models.

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