12'-Up 1100 Turbo

If you are looking for the ultimate 1100 turbo products, you have come to the right place! We recommend starting with one of our bolt-on kits for the most performance. These kits have every aspect you need to create reliable horsepower and get it to the track! We have award winning clutch setups, ECU tuning and more! If you want to start small, get exhaust first, clutching second, charge tubes third, then ECU tuning and head studs if necessary for your tune level. Exhaust adds 20+ horsepower with no supporting mods and no fuel controller needed. Keep in mind without tuning, some may experience an over boost from such a free flowing exhaust, especially on the 3" systems. This can only be solved by tuning the ECU. We only recommend the 3" Big Mo system for those who are purchasing tuning, or plan on it in the near future. Clutching is absolutely everything on these machines. Our stage 2 kits with the torsion setup work extremely well in every aspect of clutching and really help keep clutch temps down while extending belt life. We even have a wide belt version that we highly recommend to everyone from flat land riders to mountain. Charge tubes are a must as the stock ones are cheap, flimsy and don't flow well. Just adding a set of charge tubes adds 5-6 HP. You can upgrade to our larger intercooler and gain even more! Our ECU tuning is the best in the business guaranteed. We have many tune levels to choose from, and have great safety features built in to make sure you're fast and reliable! Want to go big? We have you covered for that also. Big turbo's, programming and oh so much more. Don't be fooled by the others, we are the real deal and have the trophies to prove it!

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BMP Girls 2015 Calendar

Regular Price: $20.00

Special Price: $10.00

POD 300 Digital Display for Power Commander 5


BMP 2012-Up 1100 Turbo Bolt-On Performer Kit

2012-Up 1100 Turbo Budget Bolt-On Performer Kit


BMP 2012-Up 1100 Turbo Powder Lite Muffler


BMP Procross 1100 Turbo Stainless Full Velocity Muffler


BMP Pro Chassis 1100 Turbo Outlet Manifold


BMP Procross/Climb 1100 Turbo BIG MO 3 Inch Exhaust


BMP 4 Stage ECU Programming


BMP Single Stage ECU Program


BMP 3 Stage Anti-Lag ECU Program


BMP 2012-Up Arctic Cat Stage 2 Torsion Clutch Kits 'THE FIX'


Kerry Shilts 1100 Turbo Drag Race Clutch Kit


BMP Arctic Cat 2012-Up Tied Stage 2 Clutch Kit


BMP 2012-Up 1100 Turbo Wide Belt Upgrade


BMP 2012-Up Arctic Cat Torsion Conversion Kit


BMP Goldstar Adjustable Snowmobile Clutch Weights


BMP Goldstar 1100 Turbo Heavy Weights


BMP 2012-Up Arctic Cat Floating Belt Deflection Adjuster


BMP 2012-Up 1100 Turbo Charge Tube Kit


BMP 12-Up 1100 Turbo Big Intercooler Kit

BMP 1100 Turbo Cold Air Intake


4 Bar Map Sensor


High Pressure 1100 Turbo Fuel Pump


Weld-In Fuel Injector Boss


1100 Turbo Drop In Injectors


Cometic 1100 Turbo Head Gasket


BMP 1100 Turbo Heavy Duty Head Stud Kit


1100 Turbo Wossner Forged Pistons


1100 Turbo High Performance Carrillo Rods


BMP Heavy Duty 2012-Up 1100 Turbo Chain


BMP Arctic Cat Torsion Secondary Springs


BMP Arctic Cat and Polaris Primary Springs


Dayco XTX Extreme Torque Snowmobile Belts

Regular Price: $129.95

Special Price: $119.95

Arctic Cat Procross/Proclimb Torsion Helixes


2012-Up Arctic Cat Manual Chain Tensioner


Extreme Max Platinum Series Studs


Extreme Max Double Backers


Extreme Max Square Single Backers


Extreme Max Round Single Backers


Fly Oversize Bar Clamp Kit


Fastlane Pro Chassis Arctic Cat Side Panel Vents


KOSO Misc and Replacement Parts


Koso X-2 Boost - AFR - Water Temp Gauge


Koso Mini LCD Thermometer


Koso Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge


Pro Chassis Arctic Cat 4th Wheel Kit


Anti-Stab Kit 2007-Up Models


ODI 8" Handlebar Grips


Powermadd Sure Grip Traction Strips


Powermadd Star Series Handgaurds


Powermadd Extended Brake Lines


Powermadd Throttle Cable Extension


Powermadd Pivot Adapter Kit


Powermadd Pivot Risers


Racewerx Front Bumper for 2012-Up Arctic Cat


Arctic Cat Torsion Secondary Spring Tool


Heavy Duty Snowmobile Primary Clutch Pullers


BMP Sheave Clamp Tool


Xenon Snowmobile Headlight Kits


60 Item(s)

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