BMP Stage 2 Diamond Drive Clutch Kit

BMP Stage 2 Diamond Drive Clutch Kit


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Stage 2 Diamond Drive Clutch Kit for 2004-2011 Diamond Drive Models


Helpful Tool Options: Add the sheave clamp tool to hold the clutch together allowing for tip adjustment of the weights. Add the 3 finger spring tool to easily install or adjust the torsion or team conversion endcap included in this kit.

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Our Stage 2 Diamond Drive Clutch Kits are a hit for diamond drive owners for many reasons. First off we use our BMP Goldstar adjustable weights. These weights work extremely well with wicked acceleration gains and great backshifting. The Goldstar weights are what we use as our standard weight because you can adjust them 22 grams. Dalton weights can also come with the kits but do not offer the vast adjustment that the Goldstar weights do. Next we give you a new firmer drive clutch spring. Now here is the second reason our clutch kit works so well. We not only give you one of our progressive billet helix's, we include our Quick Click Torsional Conversion Kit and torsion spring. This is the key to gain you a ton of top speed for flat landers, and track speed for mountain riders. The stock clutches stop shifting at just over a 1:1 ratio because of the secondary spring coil binding. Our torsional kit allows the clutches to shift into a 15% overdrive! Flat land riders typically pick up 6-8mph of top speed and mountain riders will gain 4-5mph of track speed while climbing. That's huge!!

If your machine is a 2009 or newer with electronic engine reverse you may opt for our Team Conversion Secondary Overdrive Kit. Though we prefer the torsional secondary some have trouble using reverse under heavy load. By using the Team Conversion you can use reverse under heavier loads and still get 12% more overdrive for nice track speed gains.

This is simply the best clutch kit available for your Diamond Drive sled. Easy to use and massive performance gains! Acceleration, throttle response, quick adjust ability, and huge speed gains! What more could you ask for?

Click here to download the torsion spring conversion instructions - page 1

Click here to download the torsion spring conversion instructions - page 2

Click here to download the team spring conversion

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  1. Huge difference

    By yngbld20 March 19, 2013

    awsome take off and acceleration

  2. Awesome

    By Greengarage December 17, 2012

    Finally got some snow able to test the stage 2 out....Unbelievable pull, wicked backshift. Right on Bikeman! Very rarely is something advertised as accurately as this...if anything their info is understated. Very impressive. Don't wait 2 years like I did to upgrade. Special thanks to Mike.

  3. stag 2 clutch kit

    By cantbeatacat March 31, 2012

    the kit works as well as it claims. the only down fall is the cover screws loosen up if not locktite and left over night to dry. but is still worth it.

  4. Huge improvement.

    By 06F6SP November 24, 2011

    Easy to install, huge gains everywhere from throttle response to track speed as claimed! Highly recommended.

  5. awsome

    By catfan November 12, 2010

    flat out amazing. wicked pull as stated. dalton wieghts make a huge difference also. thanks bikeman!!