Curve Leader Trail Ski System

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  • Our favorite ski!
  • Superior technology and performance
  • Laser sharp cornering capabilities
  • Excellent floatation
  • Tunable with leading edge and thrusters
  • Comes with 4" carbides which work great. Easily upgradable if you need more carbide.
  • Must have product for your performance snowmobile
  • Part #: CI-XS-1001

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At BMP we only run the Curve Ski! We have been hooked by the superior technology and performance of this ski. From the trail to the mountain you won't find another set on any of our sleds. 

Curve Industries is pleased to announce the release of our "Leader Ski System”. From day one, our goal has been to make our products as functional and affordable as possible all while offering unmatched performance. Enter the Leader System - available in two packages which accommodate both on trail and off trail riders alike. As with all Curve Ski Systems, performance accessories are available that increase flotation, cornering performance and tracking. With this flexibility, Curve Ski Systems may be dialed in to any terrain using the same base platform. 

The Curve Leader Ski System offers dollar for dollar, the greatest increase in handling performance on the market today. Customers may now enjoy the benefits of the full XS or XSM system but at a lower price point. 


The Leader Trail System starts with our XS ski platform in black with the XS loop also in black. The turnkey package comes with zinc plated steel mounting hardware and 4” carbides. You may upgrade carbide option and add accessories depending on riding style and conditions. 


Trail Accessories 

•Leading Edge 2” – MSRP $69.00 

Significantly reduce darting in rutted icy conditions. An outstanding alternative to dual runner bars. 


•Leading Edge 4” – MSRP $89.00 

Eliminate darting in nearly every condition. The ultimate in straight line tracking. 


•Thruster 8” – MSRP $79.00 

Increase cornering performance and flotation in loose snow or powder. 


•Thruster 17” – MSRP $79.00 

The ultimate increase of cornering performance and flotation in loose snow or powder. 


•Thruster 17” Reverse - $79.00 

Increase flotation and cornering performance. The 17” Reverse Thruster works great on the inside of the ski with an 8” or 17” Thruster mounted on the outside. 


Curve Leading Edge Description

The following are performance enhancements realized by the installation of a Leading Edge:

  • Perfectly straight tracking in all conditions, on all chassis, at any speed
  • Zero reduction in top speed
  • Zero increase in steering effort
  • The ability to run any standard wear bar while the LE is installed
  • Permission of the ski to maintain its flexibility characteristics
  • Aids as a first line of defense against foreign object impacts which could otherwise cause wear bar damage

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