'17-Up 9000 (998cc Triple)

With the all new turbocharged Yamaha motor things are about to get even more exciting! Once again, we have developed some of the best products available for this sled. Your first place to start is with our exhaust. Our exhaust for this model makes a HUGE 20-25hp gain because of our unique design. The exhaust also helps reduce heat in the turbo and motor. Surprisingly, this machine is somewhat quiet, even with our Powder Lite exhaust. The next step(or even your first step) is our stage 2 clutch kit which will transfer the power to the ground MUCH more efficiently. Due to our fully adjustable weights, you can tune our clutching to pick up sled lengths on a stock or boosted machine. We have a standard compression spring setup, or you can spend the extra money and go torsion! The torsion spring will gain a few MPH and have slightly better all around results than our standard stage 2 clutch kit. Our ECU tuning is the next step to adding huge power. We set out on our Superflow 902 dyno to create the best tunes on the market. After many hours tuning inside the ECU, we have a series of tunes that will blow your mind! Our single stage flash brings you up to 250 horsepower on an all day pump gas, reliable setup. More tunes will be release shortly. Our cold air intake kit is another great modification you can do and adds 6-10hp depending on boost levels. Our vent to atmosphere blow off valve can also be added which has that classic off throttle CHHHHH everyone is looking for. Get ready to hold on, with all of our modifications these things are insanely fast!