RZR S/Trail/XC 900 - '15-Up

RZR 900 Power & Speed Kit (91 HP Kit) 2015-Up

BMP '15-Up RZR 900 Power & Speed Kit (91 HP Kit)

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  • This kit works on all RZR 900 models 2015-Up.
  • Totally transforms your RZR making it accelerate harder and go faster. 
  • 91 Horsepower Kit (+16 HP)
  • Higher Top Speeds
  • Programming opens the throttle 100%, eliminates torque limiters, optimizes fuel & timing, raises speed & rev limit, and locks the throttle by wire
  • Big mid and high end performance gains
  • Clutching designed specifically for our tuning
  • Easily upgradeable to exhaust, cams, and other modifications
  • Comes standard with our base tune which optimizes fuel, timing, speed limit, rev limit, and throttle by wire. *Must run 91 octane minimum*
  • Includes: BMP custom programmed Bully Dog GT & Stage 1 Clutch Kit
  • See our Bully Dog GT online product listing for more specifics on this tuner HERE
  • Part # 15-320

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This kit includes the minimum parts you need to make some serious power! No matter if you ride trails, mud, or dunes, we know your RZR 900 needs more power. From the factory, they are sluggish because of the heavy clutching and ECU tune that does not allow full RPM or even full throttle. We fix that by adding our performance tune which opens the throttle 100% and removes torque limiters. It also removes the soft and hard rev limit so we can increase the rev limit to 8600 RPM. Fuel and timing adjustments are also made to improve overall performance. Our Stage 1 clutch kit includes our Goldstar magnetic adjustable primary weights and a custom BMP primary spring. These simple clutch changes allow the motor to rev much higher than factory to where the real power is made. For even better results, purchase our Stage 1 Bolt-On Performer kit which upgrades your exhaust and secondary clutch (coming soon).

**Please Read** Turf Mode Issue -  If your RZR 900 came with 1 wheel drive, it will be disabled with this kit.

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